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Lorcan Mullany for Jaques Vert and Vogue patterns.

DeMasi London


Collections, one-off Samples or Made to Measure (MTM) We offer a highly experienced service at every stage within the process of making a sample collection, including: creative pattern cutting for entire collections, one off samples or MTM Patterns will be made to your company’s or the designer's measurements and specifications. Any questions about the details of a particular design and techniques used for the pattern cutting can be discussed during a consultation booked with us.  


During the pattern cutting toiles are made to check the fit and style against the specifications. 

From pattern cutting or to a brief It is a natural and cost-effective step for us to make small quantities of samples from the pattern cutting we have been commissioned to carry out as we will already be familiar with the detailed intricacies and technical specifications of the patterns. Sample quality and specific needs for your company can be discussed at a consultation booked prior to engaging us. 

Made to measure

For our MTM service it is important for us to be present right from the start, to meet the client and take the measurements ourselves. This is in order to know we have collected the right information to make the pattern correct at the outset

Advice and training 

There is a wide range of help and advice we can offer. For instance if you as a designer or director want to learn about techniques and skills within: pattern cutting, sampling, hand finishing, draping or ruching.

We will be able to advise and teach you by simply contacting us and arranging a suitable schedule to demonstrate the specific area you are interested in.